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Who is The Boss of Comedy?

A true Professional In Motivating People. 

"If I seem confident, blame Deion Sanders, Unk will have you wanting to run through a wall or stand up without grunting!" 

A Little Bit About Me

Since 2017, Joe Moffett began sharpening his comedy tool if you will (no pun intended) by simply talking about what he knows best, his life. As a son, brother, husband, father, a coke head, it's all about the world he carved out for himself.


Joe has graced the stages with some of the country's best comedians like Mojo Brooks, Cocoa Brown, Ms Hynni, Beaumont Bacon, Prince T-Dub, Shango Forbes, and the late great Lavell "Velly Vel" Harris.


His festival list includes Chronicpalozza in Oklahoma City, The Enid Margarita and Taco Festival in Enid, Oklahoma, and the Blue Whale Comedy Festival in Tulsa.

I love what I do, and the people I get to share my talents with!

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